Product - OPUS Trakster


PinnStream in collaboration with a customer have developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) system that keeps track of their business costs and charges to help them truely understand their profitability.

This is done by providing an easy way for resources in the field to record their work, adding the benefit of mitigating the need for filling in timesheets.

Back in the office, the system provides an intuitive interface to set up work for the resources, all in one place, saving time and effort.

With built in workflows, the team's data inputs and reconciling time spent against the business cost/charge model, the output results in reports and graphical dashboards that provides the true picture of business health.

Other benefits include but not limited to: highlight training needs, option to create customer invoices, data for payroll systems, identify profitable or unprofitable work.

For more information Click Here for product landing page and to see if your business can benefit from this service too.

Please note that at this point in time the software is running as an Alpha and not yet Beta. Despite this Pinnstream is happy for businesses to demo the service. Please get in touch in the Contact Us section.