Product - Affiliate Advertising System


PinnStream are currently developing a Software as a Service (SaaS) system in collaboration with a partner. This system is about to be launched as a limited pilot and during 2015 we will be looking to expand the pilot to other partners as we look to develop the system further.

We are very excited about this venture and believe the system will provide a secure and reliable extra revenue stream to any popular website for a very little amount of set up work and minimal amount of administrative overhead.

To see this system in action go to and click on the "HDSBL Advertising" button.

Alternatively click here for further literature.

Please note that at this point in time we will only be able to take on partners in a limited capacity under the guise of a pilot. We will need to work closely with you during this time and so patience and trust will be essential. However if you are interested to know more and believe we can work well together, please get in touch in the Contact Us section.